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We intend to publish here examples from around the world of journalists and whistleblowers under threat. Please email us your examples or personal experiences to be added here to

World Press Freedom Day: Eritrea

With World Press Freedom Day on the horizon, it is vital that citizens around the world speak up for a free and protected press so that the atrocities committed under dictatorships like Afwerki’s can be exposed. WikiLeaks has given the world unique insight into Eritrea’s regime and yet its founder and publisher, Julian Assange, has been arbitrarily detained in the heart of London for over eight years now much the same as Eritrean journalists Yirgalem Fesseha, Sitaneyesus Tsigeyohannes, and Mulubrahan Habtegebriel.

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World Press Freedom Day 2019 : Australia’s imprisonment of journalist Behrouz Boochani

World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd is an opportunity to highlight the plight of Australia’s most well know targeted journalist Julian Assange but it is also a day to consider the plight of other journalists and whistleblowers in Australia. 
Behrouz Boochani is an Iranian-Kurdish journalist and refugee who has been imprisoned indefinitely on Manus Island prison by Australian authorities since 2013. Boochani fled Iran where his work as a Kurdish journalist led him to fall foul of the Iranian regime.
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World Press Freedom Day 2019 : Australia’s prosecution of Witness K and his lawyer

A being held in secret, a lawyer and ex-spy charged under “War on Terror” legislation, covert buggings operation by the Australian Government of the poorest neighbour Timor Leste, as part  of a sixty year old pursuit by the Australian ruling class to exploit and profit from the tens of billions of dollars worth of oil in the Timor Sea. The Australian Government is determined that the public don’t learn the full story of this case, those who allegedly leaked it are punished and that other government offices understand the cost of telling the world about the criminal acts of the Australian Government.
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